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Volume 25 – Special Issue: Pathologies of Recognition

Table of Contents

Pathologies of Recognition: An Introduction
Arto Laitinen, Arvi Särkelä, Heikki Ikäheimo

01. Conceptualizing Causes for Lack of Recognition: Capacities, Costs and Understanding
Heikki Ikäheimo

02. Social Pathologies, Reflexive Pathologies, and the Idea of Higher-Order Disorders
Arto Laitinen

03. Ideology as Artificial Respiration: Hegel on Stoicism, Skepticism and Unhappy Consciousness
Arvi Särkelä

04. Pathology of Love as Gender Domination: Recognition and Gender Identities in Axel Honneth and Jessica Benjamin
Federica Gregoratto

05. Women as instruments in the dialectics of the Nation
Sari Roman-Lagerspetz

06. Laughing at Oneself: On the New Social Character
Jarno Hietalahti

07. Social freedom in contemporary capitalism: A reconstruction of Axel Honneth’s normative approach to the economy
Hans Arentshorst

08. Recognition and the ideology of merit
Heidi Elmgren

09. The Professional Form of Recognition in Social Work
Petteri Niemi

10. Political liberalism and the preventive containment of unreasonable beliefs and behavior
Joonas Pennanen

11. Pathologies of Collective Recognition
Onni Hirvonen

12. (Pathologies of) Recognition in Schelling´s Thought on Evil
Olli Pitkänen



Volume 24 – Winter 2014


Nina Power
Author of One-Dimensional Woman

Gillian Rose Prize Dissertation

The role of the common law jury as direct deliberative mechanism for the democratic self-legitimation of law
Valerie Whittington


Political Consumer Activism and Democratic Legitimacy
Martin Beckstein

Is the autonomists’ notion of the ‘social factory’ still adequate?
Craig Gent

Books Reviewed

Signs and Machines by Maurizio Lazzarato

Ethical Subjects in Contemporary Culture by Dave Boothroyd

Political Solidarity by Sally J. Scholz

On the Reproduction of Capital by Louis Althusser

Henri Lefebvre on Space by Lukasz Stanek

Normalizaing the Balkans by Dušan I. Bjelić


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