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Call for Submissions

Article Submissions:

SSPT is open to general submissions of articles at all times. We strongly encourage those working in the broad areas of social and political thought to submit their work for consideration. Articles should be 5,000-7,000 words.

SSPT is especially encourages junior academics and post-graduates to submit their work. Please send your articles to sspt[AT]sussex[DOT]ac[DOT]uk

Submission guidelines can be downloaded here



We are looking to expand our database of reviewers. If you would like to help us peer review submissions, please send an email to sspt[AT]sussex[DOT]ac[DOT]uk

Please include your name, affiliation (if applicable), and areas of research expertise and competence. We will add you to our roster of reviewers and send through articles in your remit as and when they become available.


Book Reviews:

If you have, or would like to write, a book review for SSPT, please contact us with details of the book and we will consider publishing/commissioning the review for our journal. You can find a list of our current books available for here.

Review requests should be sent to sspt[AT]sussex[DOT]ac[DOT]uk


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