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Studies in Social and Political Thought Back Issues

Some past issues (from Summer 2010 up to the present) can be found below. Most of the other back issues (appearing before 2010) can be accessed via the website for the Centre for Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex.  Click here for PDF versions of back issues.

Volume 17  (Summer 2010)

Volume 18 (Winter 2010)

Volume 19 (Summer 2011)

Volume 20 (Winter 2012)

Volume 21 (Summer 2013)

Volume 22 (Winter 2013)

Volume 23 (Summer 2014)


Research Seminar Recordings

Brian O’Connor – Adorno, Reason and Freudian Theory

Craig Reeves – Freedom and Causality in Adorno and Bhaskar

Jonathan Wolff – Social Equality and Severe Disadvantage

Lorna Finlayson – With Radicals Like These, Who Needs Conservatives? Realism and idealism in political philosophy

Matthew Charles – Brecht as Educator

Michael King – Social Systems Theory and the Financial Crisis

Paul Davies – Returning to the Subject, Levinas in Germany 1940-1945

Seumas Milne – on ‘The Revenge of History’

Howard Caygill – Gillian Rose Memorial Lecture, 2013


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