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Jon Finlayson – EU Referendum Petition

July 2, 2016

If you agree with the points below sign the Parliamentary Petition when it goes live.
We urge the Government to convene a debate in Parliament to reconsider the circumstances and results of the Referendum, offering a free vote on our relationship with the E U. (See Courses of Action below)

The Leave Campaign was flawed for these reasons

1/ The Electorate was confused by false information, inaccuracies, & soundbites.

2/ The choice “Leave” or “Remain” was simplistic. The complexities of the issues could not be fully explained or understood by voters.

3/ Brussels was blamed for stifling our freedom. It was not credited for supporting workers, depressed communities throughout Europe & for brokering peace & stability in Europe, Asia & Africa. It is a bastion of strength in a dangerous world.

4/ The Leave option was seen as a protest opportunity against economic deprivation & disillusion with our democratic accountability.

5/ Voters could not anticipate that the result might precipitate the break up of the United Kingdom.

6/ No-one knew the extent of the damage to our economy nor the years it will take to  re-negotiate our agreements if Article 50 is invoked, during which we will trade at a disadvantage with the E U.

7/ The majority of young people voted to remain but it is they who will suffer most and for longest if we leave the EU.

8/ Every day we hear more people who regret the vote they made. A Poll has shown if re-run now, the Brexit result could be reversed. 7% of voters had changed their minds already. There is no 14 day Cooling Off Period for this, the most important decision of the Century. The Brexit conclusion was unsafe. Only 37.4% of the Electorate voted for change to the status quo. This is not a reliable mandate from a clear majority. It is a reflection of a divided nation – North/South – Have & have not. Brexit will not remedy this. Jobs, Houses & Services will help. A bouyant economic framework within the EU & a responsive Government are required. MPs must not hide behind the referendum result but have the courage to recognise it for what it was. Flawed!

9/ Excessive immigration must be solved by the Government working with the EU. Europe cannot hold all who seek a better life!

Parliament could be asked to re-examine the whole issue & to create a Government of National Unity to bring the Country together to repair the damage caused by the Referendum, and create a solution in the best interests of the whole population, whilst supporting the EU & fostering world security & peace.

Jon Finlayson
Gordon Finlayson
Alister Tomes
Anne Bennet
Christos Hadjioannou
Enid Haskell
George Foster
Gillian Harris Douglas
Margaret Compton
Paul Carruthers
Sheila Gallagher
Theadora Harris Douglas


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