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SPT statement of support for occupiers & the 235

April 1, 2013

We, the undersigned faculty, researchers and students of the Centre for Social and Political Thought at the University of Sussex, would like to express our support and admiration for the Occupy Sussex campaign, which has been evicted from Bramber House by the university management. The occupiers’ solidarity with the 235 staff members who are facing the prospect of reductions in pension entitlements and working conditions because of the decisions of management is an inspiration to us all. These changes were presented to staff as a fait accompli, with no exploration of possible in-house solutions, and Occupy Sussex rightly opposed management’s plans; in doing so, and in occupying the conference centre in Bramber House, they also enacted an alternative vision of the university, one guided by principles of democratic self-management, inclusiveness and community. We therefore stand by the protesters and the 235 affected workers as they continue to oppose management’s plans.

We would further like to condemn the management’s actions in seeking and being granted a court injunction which bans all protest on campus, by any persons, until 25th September. It is lamentable that, whilst maintaining all its pretenses about open discussion and dialogue, the management should have simply stifled dissent in this manner. The management’s protestation that it will tolerate “peaceful” protest is an insult to the students and workers whose right to assemble and demonstrate as they see fit has just been suppressed. A right is not a right if it waits on the decision of another. This university is not the property of the management. Without students, lecturers and support staff there is no university. We therefore also hope that today is the beginning of a sustained campaign by students and workers to undermine and repeal this authoritarian measure.

Dr Gordon Finlayson (Director)

Dr Andrew Chitty

Dr Kenneth Veitch

Dr Alison Phipps

Dr Tarik Kochi

Dr Luke Martell

Dr Darrow Schecter

Tim Carter

Chris O’Kane

Elliot Rose

Dimitri Kladiskakis

Brad Tuck

Phillip Homburg

Alastair Gray

Alex Elliott

Alastair Kemp

David Martinez Rojas

Nima Barazandeh

Melis Menent

Richard Weir

Huw Rees

Edward Harvey

Osama Omar Muttawa

Stavroula Soukara

Chris Ferguson

Peter Vick

Val Whittington

Carole Geerts

Former students and others:

Dr Simon Mussell

Dr Verena Erlenbusch

Dr Tom Bunyard

Dr Georgios Daremas

Dr Stephen Brown

Arthur Willemse

Carla Ibled

Sangeetha Thanapal

Birgit Hofstaetter

Ian Sinclair

Katja Hus

Sylvain Firer-Blaess

Charlie Duncan

Jana Elsen

Tom Lennard

Christos Hadjioannou

Betty Schulz

Aidan Simpson

Stacey Whittle

Paul Hebden

Rachel Wemyss

Anne Hordijk

Alice Gibson

Jack Isherwood

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