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Brunel SPT Research Seminars 2011/12

October 27, 2011


‘Crisis, Transition, Transformation: Revolutionary Thought Today’

The last year has witnessed a wave of protest movements that have swept around the world. This seminar series aims to explore the new challenges and opportunities for revolutionary thought today.

Term 1

Wednesday 26th October 2011, 4pm, Room MJ118
Mark Neocleous (Brunel University)
Marx’s Secret: On the Violence of Original Accumulation and the Logic of International Law

Monday 14th November 2011, 3pm, Room GB210
Banu Bargu (The New School)
Machiavelli and Marx

Wednesday 23rd November 2011, 4pm, Room MJ118
Sara R. Farris (University of Konstanz)
Workerism’s Inimical Incursions: On Mario Tronti’s Weberianism

Tuesday 6th December 2011, 4pm, Room GB210
Peter D. Thomas (Brunel University)
Revolutions, passive and permanent

Term 2

Wednesday 18th January 2012, 4pm, Room MJ118
Peter Osborne (Kingston University)
Crisis and Contemporaneity

Thursday 9th February 2012, 4pm Room LC 004-006
Judith Revel (University of Paris – Sorbonne)
Diagnosis, Subjectivation, Common: Three Faces of Emancipation Today

Wednesday 29th February 2012, 4pm, Room GB239
Slavoj Zizek (Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities)
The Deadlock

Tuesday 20th March 2012, 4pm, Room MJ117
Filippo Del Lucchese (Brunel University)
The Politics of Monstrosity

Wednesday 28th March 2012, 4pm, Room MJ118
China Mieville (University of Warwick)
Clash of the Titans: Marxism and International Law

All seminars take place at Brunel University. For further information, please contact:

Filippo Dellucchese:

Mark Neocleous:

Peter Thomas:

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