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Goldsmiths Seminar Series

October 12, 2010

‘Force and the Worst’ Seminar Series at Goldsmiths.  More details here

19/10 Alexander García Düttmann, ‘The Worst, the Better and the Lesser of Two Evils. Some Thoughts on Revolution and Literature’: RHB 356 18.00-20.00

26/10 Alastair Morgan, ‘Mere Life, Damaged Life, Ephemeral Life’: RHB 343 16.00-18.00

28/10 Aécio Amaral, ‘The Force of the Worst: Technoscience and Limit in Derrida’: RHB 308 16.00-18.00

2/11 Shela Sheikh, ‘Bartleby’s Passion’: RHB 343 16.00-18.00

16/11 Sami Khatib, ‘“A Slight Adjustment in the World”: Towards Walter Benjamin’s Idea of the Messianic’: RHB 343 16.00-18.00

23/11 Elina Staikou, ‘“Like the Evening Shofar”: On a Certain Apocalyptic Tone in Benjamin’s ‘Critique of Violence’’: RHB 343 16.00-18.00

25/11 Alberto Toscano, ‘Against the Day: Marxian Histories and Theories of Violence and Non-Violence’ : RHB 308 18.00-19.30

30/11 Leena Petersen, ‘Nature and Justice in Critiques of Violence’ : RHB 343 16.00-18.00

7/12 Michael Dillon, ‘Cocking the Question; Disarming Answers’: RHB 343 16.00-18.00

14/12 John Milkbank (title TBA): RHB 343 16.00-18.00

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