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Tony Judt

August 10, 2010

People from across the spectrum of the American Left have been mourning the passing of historian and social and political commentator Tony Judt. I first came across Judt in the pages of The New York Review. I was referred to the New York Review by a professor at my undergrad who told me to read it to learn how to write. I followed their advice and subscribed to the New York Review for three years or so. I never learned how to write like the authors in the New York Review. (Still can’t) I did, however, always appreciate Judt’s work which was always erudite, well-formulated, and stimulating. His voice will be missed. Obits can be found in media sources ranging from mainstream liberal publication  The Nation to the New York Times to this piece by Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist. Judt’s work for the New York Review can be found here.

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