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Call For Papers – SSPT Vol. 18

August 1, 2010

Utopia, Dystopia and Critical Theory

We invite submissions for the next issue of SSPT linked to the theme of Utopia, Dystopia and Critical Theory.

In a period of geo-political, ecological and economic turmoil, we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis of legitimation with respect to the dominant post-Cold War neoliberal economic and political doctrine of unfettered market-led growth, de-regulation and privatization of national resources and public services, and total sovereignty of private ownership and capital over all spheres of life. With a deepening crisis of the neoliberal political economy, it is clear that mere economic functionalism is redundant. Now is a time for a critical reappraisal of the frameworks and structures that continue to be applied to a highly conflicted and unsustainable political and economic system. Such projects will need to engage with debates over utopia/dystopia, for any consideration of transformation in the present entails a complex yet inextricable orientation towards the future.

Please send your articles of 5000-6500 words (in .doc format) via email to

Accepted articles will be published alongside a selection of papers on the same theme from this year’s SSPT Conference (held in May 2010).  The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2010.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: –

• Science Fiction, Cultural Politics, the Political Imagination

• Crisis (of Capitalism, Feminism, the State, Marxism, Critical Theory)

• Ends (of History, Ideology, Capitalism, Communism, Neo-liberalism, Postcoloniality)

• Immanent and Transcendent Criticism

• Environment, Catastrophe, Risk

• Futures (of Critical Theory, Political Economy, Postmodernity, Europe, Islam, Secular Humanism, Globalisation, Feminism)

• Representations of Transcendence, Utopia/Dystopia, Apocalypse, Negative Theology

• Iconography, Idolatory and Ideology Critique

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